Sites for the Physical Education Teacher


1. Site: P.E. Central

    A. Click on Lesson Ideas, scroll down to Instant Activities, and find the Wellness related activity "Fire Safety Tag". Once you have found it describe the lesson activity below.

    B. From the main page click on the Adaptive Physical Education link.  Once there click on the Disability Fact Sheets.  Choose one disability and list 5 characteristics that are associated with the disability.

2. Teach Circus

    A. Click on the Introduction link and list three Circus Arts.

    B. Click on the Juggling link and list one psychomotor, cognitive, and affect benefit of juggling.

3. P.E. Links 4 U

    A. Click on the Technology in PE link and find the article on Dance Dance Revolution.  Read the article and answer the following questions: Who created the game? Where was it created? When was the game developed?

B. List and describe the four play modes of Dance Dance Revolution.

4. Games Kids Play

    A. What are the four ways in which you can locate games from this website?

    B. Using one of the above ways locate the game "Four Corners" and describe the game below.

5. Primary Resources: P.E.

    A. Find a warm up game and describe it below.

    B. Find the link for Introductory ideas for outdoor activities.  Choose one activity that you could use with your class and describe what you liked about the lesson.

6. American Council on Exercise

    A. Go to the Health and Fitness Info link. From there go to the Exercise Library and describe three arm exercise you could have your students do in class.

    B. Go back to the Health and Fitness Info link, but this time go to the Fit Facts. Select Youth and from there read the article Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers. List two misconceptions and two benefits about strength training with youth.

7. Play Your Way

    A. Click on the Games link.  Find Blizzard Ball and list the place, players needed, and equipment needed for this activity.

    B. Pick a game of your choice and tell me the name of the game, brief description, place, players needed, and equipment needed to play the game.

8. Healthy Kids - Smart Spot

    A. Go to the Smart Spot and list what the letter S-M-A-R-T stand for.

    B. Go to the For Professionals link and click on Resources.  List the four categories that the resources are divided in to.

9. Sports Illustrated Kids

    A. What is the top sports story?

    B. Go to NHL Standings and tell me which teams are in first place for their respective conference with their record.

10. Fitness Jumpsite

    A. What are the four categories of the Fitness Library you can browse?

    B. Go to the Getting and Staying Active link. Once there read the article Painting a Healthy Lifestyle and react to the article below.